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Rice drum - Divine weapon that summons LONG- The Dragon

Rice drum - Divine weapon that summons LONG- The Dragon 

The tambourine, with its simple shape but strong, vibrant sound, has long been considered a typical musical instrument that contributes to the identity of Vietnamese traditional music.

  However, in the world of Khi- Viet Linh Than Thoai Ki, the tambourine is not simply a traditional musical instrument. This musical instrument is a divine weapon with the ability to connect and summon the Dragon Spirit (LONG) through specific rhythms.

Thanks to the sound of drums, LONG can summon military force, a symbol of solidarity and unification of everyone in the community. It can be said that tambourines and other musical instruments are the connection point between the mythical world and the human world.

  So what cultural stories are behind the tambourine that made us decide to choose this musical instrument for that special role? Please look forward to the next articles in our series "Creative inspiration - Cultural materials"!

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