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Shampoo & Body wash 2in1 Rebellious

Immediately enjoy the cool feeling of summer with Rebellious 2in1 Shower Gel - the perfect combination of premium perfume and optimal performance!

🚿 Shower in 1 step - save time, help you get ready for every new challenge every day.

💆Effectively removes dandruff and restores healthy hair, while keeping hair soft and elegant, making hair always bursting with vitality.

🌿 The pH-balanced formula helps prevent dry skin and limit dandruff, providing healthy skin and hair from root to tip.

❄️ In particular, the refreshing cool feeling with mint crystals will be an ideal companion on hot days of summer.

👉Discover and experience this great product now to have a refreshing and energetic summer!


SIGSCENT creates dynamic highlights,

Affirm your individuality!



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