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Phung and love rumors in legends

Phung and love rumors in legends


In the atmosphere of love between couples on Valentine's Day, let's explore the love of Phung - Tu Linh's "thousands of people" idol.


  Long - Phung: "viral" love throughout the human world

In this Long - Phung love affair, the properties of both correspond to each other. Dragon represents yang, phoenix represents yin; The dragon is the king of beasts, the phoenix is the king among all birds, from then on it becomes a symbol of yin and yang harmony, forming the concept of "dragon and phoenix report", which indicates good omen, everything is auspicious, after indicates a harmonious husband and wife, good compatibility between husband and wife.


  Phung & Hoang or Phung & Loan: a silent love story that few people know about.

  Phung - Hoang: one cock, one hen. According to ancient legend, Phung Hoang is the king of birds, and is originally a pair, the male is called Phung, the female is called Hoang. The Phoenix flying high is a symbol of good omen, a pair of cock and hen is also used as a metaphor for husband and wife, couples.

- According to the comments of priest L'Cadière (author of Arts and Artisans of Hue, translated by Le Duc Quang): in the minds of ordinary Vietnamese people, they do not care too much about religious beliefs or levels of meaning. The profound meaning of the mascot, they only remember that: the phoenix is the union between a man and a woman through marriage.


  Image of Phung - Loan couple:

- About Loan, "Son Hai Kinh" wrote: "Nu Sang mountain has a bird-like appearance, its appearance is like a partridge, its name is loan bird, if you meet it, the world will be at peace." "The theory of self-explanation" writes: "Loan, is a magical species, has five-colored feathers with red being the main color, has a bird-like shape, and has five syllables in its cry."

- There have been many theories about Phung and Loan's roles and maleness. The idiom referring to a harmonious relationship between husband and wife includes the phrase "loan phoenix hoa minh". There is also the phrase "Phuong Hiep Loan Hoa", which refers to a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, or "Loan Phuong Phi Phi", which refers to a separated couple.


  Phung - Ngo Dong: This relationship is ambiguous and not public.

Phung is also often associated with the image of the sycamore tree. The folk song has a saying:

“What's left is waiting for tomorrow

The other swallow spread its wings and followed the dragon into the clouds

Blame whoever did that far away from here

Like a phoenix bird far away from a sycamore tree."

“Here we meet each other

Different from the phoenix meeting the sycamore tree" (Folk song)

In these folk songs, phoenix and corn field are both metaphorical comparisons according to context, not fixed images of couple love like Long - Phung or Phung - Hoang, Phung - Loan.


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