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New signature scent- Rebellious 2in1

Scent will be an extremely reasonable accessory to help you honor your personality. And your image in the eyes of people will speak for you that is difficult to say. For men, there is usually no need to say too much! 

Because of that, SIGSCENT have launches a product with the signature warm scent of the men's shampoo and shower gel line that will help you have an excited start and confidently express yourself anytime, anywhere.

The scent of lavender invigorates the body and mind, while the tangerine peel awakens your senses. These fragrances lift the spirits of you and those around you. When you feel the need to balance, then look for calming scents, such as lavender.  

With extracts of citrus essential oils and cool mint, this shampoo will blow away stubborn dandruff, completely remove dirt, sebum clinging to the hair, clean the scalp extremely effectively and quickly. . Not only that, it also has ingredients that help strengthen hair from root to tip, significantly reducing hair loss.

You are about to have an important date and want to attract the attention of the girl you are eyeing. Or are you looking to invest in a bottle of genuine men's perfume to create a masculine look with a sexy scent that is hard to fade every day? SIGSCENT suggests a fresh start with the fresh scent of the men's range of shampoos and body washes. SIGSCENT 2in1 shower gel shampoo has a strong, warm scent that is very attractive, even it is the "magic" that creates a romantic atmosphere.


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