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How to make women fall in love with your personal scent

Men's scents don't come naturally and no woman likes a man who smells like another man. You have to create your own fragrance and characterize yourself only. To do so, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Bathe often 

Bathing regularly means that you clean your body at least once a day to help keep your body odor-free.

No need to bathe too much because it will make the body ill.

When bathing, you can use soap or water specifically for men to exfoliate, leaving skin smooth, clean and fragrant.

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2. Wear clothes that absorb sweat 

Keep your manly scent luscious by wearing clothes that absorb and dry quickly. Controlling unwanted scents is also the way to create body fragrance for men.

Men's characteristics are often active, so they sweat a lot. If you do not equip yourself with clothes that absorb sweat well, your body will be smelly.

3. Change clothes every day

Clothes that are worn all day accumulate dirt from the outside and sweat from the wearer's body.

If not changed every day, it not only gives off an unpleasant scent but also makes men more messy and sloppy.


4. Use deodorant roll 

We are so used to the smell of our body that we often do not realize its existence.

When the body "strong odor" will affect the people around. Use the deodorant compartment to improve your body scent so you don't lose points in the eyes of the girls.

Using deodorant should be a habit, even if you don't have body odor. Because in special cases such as you are overactive or nervous, odors in sensitive areas will come out that you cannot control.

5. Create your own masculine scent by investing in perfumes and using them properly

To create a scent for the male body, perfume is needed. Perfume has countless types, you need to choose a scent you like to make your own mark.

After choosing a suitable perfume, you also have to know how to use it so that it can be used to its fullest potential.

Men's scent is a tool for men to make an impression on women. There are many ways to create your own unique scent, it is important that the scent is different. What are you waiting for without giving off a manly scent to drop a "love spell" right away.

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