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Basic skin care process for men

The concept that men do not need to take care of their skin in modern times is no longer relevant. Because the environment is increasingly polluted, smoke and dust often make men more susceptible to skin diseases.
However, men's skin care doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Instead, you should focus more on how to properly and regularly take care of your skin every day. Let's take a look at the basic skincare steps for men with SIGSCENT :

Step 1: Clean

  • Exfoliate 1-2 times per week to purify and detoxify the skin. Men can combine using non-flaking peeling products to help clean up dead skin and reduce brown spots and freckles.
  • Remove makeup every night to "remove" sunscreen and dirt accumulated throughout the day. Cleansing oil products that remove even sebum thanks to the emulsification process will be very suitable for deep cleansing of men's facial skin.
  • Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser with natural extracts. Limit the use of soap to wash because soap has a very high concentration of detergent.

Step 2: Moisturize

The fact that men's skin has a thicker texture than women's makes the cells in the epidermis often lack nutrition and moisture. Shaving every day in a state of dry, lifeless skin also has the potential to cause scratches and infections to the skin. Skin needs additional moisture from men's skin care products:

  • Creams have a light texture that locks in moisture well and can be used day and night. If you are lazy to buy intensive products, vaseline or baby oil will be a simple but extremely effective choice for you to soothe dry cracked skin.
  • Before shaving, use shaving foams containing vitamin E or almond oil to help relieve skin irritation and tightness. So, please limit your vegetarian shave to avoid skin damage.
  • Mineral spray is a very good product that can be used by both men and women. In an air-conditioned environment, they are even more effective for men's facial skin care.


STEP 3: Sunscreen

Like women, the need for sun protection is not unique to anyone. Using sunscreen every day will help men limit brown spots, folliculitis, tanning and sunburn.

  • Men's sunscreen should use an SPF of 50 or higher to limit the situation of having to reapply many times.
  • Body spray products are also very handy in case you are too busy.
  • Particularly for skin with many defects in acne, pitted scars, it is necessary to consult experts before using sunscreen.

Proper skin care for men is an important job to protect the skin comprehensively against the current increasingly polluted weather and environment. Please try to maintain a regular daily skincare routine to get the best results. The best results for your skin.

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