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Why is the Dragon at the top of the Four Spirits?

Why is the Dragon at the top of the Four Spirits?
In traditional Asian culture, the four spirits (Long - dragon, Lan - lion, Quy - turtle, Phung - phoenix) are often considered symbols of power and sacredness. Dragon, among the fours, often stands in the most important position and brings many profound meanings.

There are several reasons that dragons are most respected among the four spirits:
- Power and Feng Shui: Dragons are often associated with power and nobility. In feng shui thinking, the image of a dragon is considered to bring luck, protection and career advancement. The power of the dragon is believed to be able to control the weather and water, contributing to prosperity and well-being.
- Historical and cultural symbol: Dragons are often associated with the history and culture of many Asian countries. In legends and mysteries, dragons often appear as the king's protective mascot, a symbol of nobility and power.
- Integrity and strength: Dragons are often depicted with strength, courage and filial piety. This makes the dragon a symbol of integrity and a spirit of perseverance.
- Association with nature: Dragons are often associated with nature and water sources, especially in legends about the Red River. The strength and power of the dragon is considered a symbol of vitality and prosperity.

For the above reasons, dragons are often placed in an important and unique position among the four sacred animals, expressing their importance and profound meaning in Asian culture.

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