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Top 3 soaps you need to know

Soap or Soap is a product that cleans skin or objects by creating foam and mixing with water. However, not every product can meet everyone's needs - there are some outstanding features of different types of soap that everyone needs to know to make the most suitable choice.
Here are the 3 main types of soap that everyone needs to know:
  1. Natural soap: Natural soap is made from organic ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and other natural essential oils. This soap is produced manually - without preservatives, so the shelf life is usually not too long. Besides, there are some characteristics that people also need to consider choosing such as: Not much foam, no obvious fragrance like industrial products.
  1. Soap for sensitive skin: For people with sensitive skin, using the right soap is very important. This type of soap will focus on a better pH balance (at pH ~5.0-6.5) so as not to irritate the skin. Because it focuses on dealing with pH issues, this type of soap will not require fragrance properties or long-term preservation - then it will affect the main factor which is the product's pH balance.
  2. Soap contains nutrients: Soap not only cleans the skin but also provides nutrients to the skin. This type of soap is quite popular today - meeting the needs of the majority of consumers as it has a fragrance, does not cause too much skin irritation, and has a long shelf life. We can easily find this product on supermarket shelves. However, depending on the fragrance and nutrient content, there is a difference in price for each brand.

Sigscent Soaps/Perfume Soaps (Woody Urban and Dragon S) are soaps that everyone can balance their experience with. This product has good nutrients such as Nano Silver to help fight bacteria, Vitamin E to help brighten the skin. Besides, Sigscent Soap also has ingredients of over 90% from natural palm oil - very friendly to consumers, along with Moderate pH helps minimize skin irritation.

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