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Tips corner - How to make dish soap at home in 1 minute

Dishwashing liquid/dishwashing liquid is something that is familiar to women in cleaning dishes every day. This is a daily consumable so the cost is not small. Dishwashing soap will help you save a lot, let's see how to do this with Sigscent:

Prepared ingredients:
Soap base
(people can buy it at chemical stores or on e-commerce platforms)

Pouring mold

Grate the lemon peel and squeeze the lemon juice. This lemon peel will help you add fragrance to the soap without the need for other chemicals.

Mix borax, salt, and lemon juice in a 2:1:1 ratio. Borax acts as a detergent to remove all plaque, salt and lemon juice add catalysts to dissolve grease.

Add the above mixture to the dissolved soap base, turn off the stove. Continue mixing the mixture until you get a homogeneous soap mixture. Pour the soap into the mold, place the soap mold in a cool place. After about 1 day (24 hours), you can take the soap and put it in a storage box.

It's quite simple, right! Please support Sigscent so we can accompany you in the upcoming issues of small life tips.

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