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The meeting of four spirits and ethnic music: A journey to inspire Vietnamese spirits

Welcome everyone to the KHI - Viet Linh Than Thoai Ky Project, where the mystery of the Four Spirits blends with national music, promising to bring exciting new perspectives and discoveries!

🐉  The Four Spirits, including Dragon - Lion - Turtle- Phoenix, are familiar mythological mascots in many Asian cultures. Created from constellations, they represent the four basic elements that make up the world: Earth - Water - Fire - Wind.

With this project, we not only focus on developing mythology but also explore how young people imagine the appearance of the Four Spirits, how they live with humans and bring good things. for the surrounding community.

 🪘 The Musical Instrument, the sacred weapon of the Four Spirits, will play an important role in summoning the Spirit Gods. They are the connection point between the mythical world and the human world.

To us, the legend of the Four Spirits and traditional music are not simply ancient stories, but are the thread connecting the culture and spiritual heritage of the Vietnamese people. This unique combination is the creative inspiration for the birth of KHI- Viet Linh Than Thoai Ky.

"KHI" is not simply a daily living condition, but also is "Brave" and Spirit" of Vietnamese which blend into one, and can even become one " "Weapon" is strong.

The story begins with a group of young people searching for "Musical Instruments" and accidentally summoning the legendary Spirit Gods. Together, they will be given special powers and create miracles.

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Follow the next articles to explore this strange and inspiring journey with us!

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