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The journey of creating LONG- the Dragon

The journey of creating LONG- the Dragon

Maybe you don't know,...

The Dragon of the Ly Dynasty was not our first inspiration when creating the Dragon Spirit.

Initially, with the creative theme of Long, the first character in the quartet of Dragon - Lion- Turtle- Pheonix, the project team was inspired by the image of the dragon of the Tran Dynasty, full of strength and majesty, a symbol of power. But does it most "richly" reflect the identity of Vietnamese dragons?

There is an opinion that: "The Dragon of the Ly Dynasty is often mentioned because it was the first artistic declaration of independence of Vietnam compared to the Dong Van countries." This opinion can still cause a lot of controversy. , but it cannot be denied that it is one of the motivations for us to further develop the Ly Dynasty dragon plan. The initial thought was just to "try it out", but the results far exceeded expectations, when everyone in the team Everyone feels excited to continue developing the character from this source of inspiration.

Not stopping there, because we wanted to experiment with diversity, we continued to "immerse ourselves" in the world of dragons during the Le Dynasty. Specifically, the dragon of the Le Trung Hung dynasty with its famous cloud-knife and fire motifs is also a characteristic feature of Vietnamese dragons in terms of fine arts. This is not only an artistic choice, but also a connection to the cultural heritage that Vietnamese dragons bring. Each choice, each image has a solid basis and foundation.

To maintain connection and logic, the team decided to follow chronological order. Ly, Tran, Le - each period was a journey of discovery for Vietnamese dragons, and the community's acceptance of Ly dragons was truly an important step forward.

This is the reason why the Ly dynasty dragon, with its strength and soft, flexible beauty, is pioneering the project Khi - Viet Linh Than Thoai Ki. We are proud of this journey, and believe that, with your following and support, we will go further together. Who knows, in the near future, other versions of the Dragon Spirit will still appear? Let's look forward to it

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