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The best shampoo and Body wash for men 2022

When you use a shower gel or soap for a long time, you will experience skin problems such as dry skin and body acne, then it's time to look for a new product that has can fix those problems for you.

Before you dive in, it should be noted that while anyone of any gender can use any shampoo & body wash they like, the products marketed Men's products are often specially formulated for thicker and more oily skin, so be aware before you buy and use them.

From super moisturizing and exfoliating formulas to activated charcoal soaps designed to clear acne, here are the best shower gels for men in 2022

1.AOS – Art Of Sport

Art of Sport Sữa tắm than hoạt tính


Founded in 2018 by Matthias Metternich, Brian Lee and the late Kobe Bryant, Art of Sport is a unisex body and skin care line designed to meet the extreme requirements of athletes.

All of the brand's products have been tested directly by athletes of all levels to ensure quality and effectiveness for everyone from the highest level of pros to amateurs. daily.

Art of Sport uses activated charcoal in its shower gel for a deep and refreshing clean. They are made without sulfates, parabens or phthalates. In addition, their products are almost all extracted from natural ingredients.

AOS suitable for sports people, the different scents of Art of Sports are named Compete (Citrus), Victory (Cool Eyucalptus) and James Harden's Defy (Deep Sandalwood).



Bevel Body Wash


Founded by renowned businessman and entrepreneur Tristan Walker, Bevel is a brand owned by the P&G group, Bevel specializes in providing men's products at affordable prices. While the brand is best known for its single-blade razor that prevents razor bumps, Bevel has a full line of men's products including shower gel.

With three equally wonderful scents - Oak, Black Bergamot, and Black Pepper - Bevel Body Wash is designed to moisturize and exfoliate. They all use tiny bits of bamboo charcoal instead of harmful microplastics to exfoliate your skin, leaving you feeling completely smooth and refreshed. The scent is strong enough to linger after a shower, but not too strong. 

As a reporter specializing in the experience of men's products, I have received enough different shower gel samples to never have to buy again, but Bevel is one of the few. brands I have purchased many times after using this product.

3.Duke Cannon
Duke Cannon Thick High-Viscosity Body Wash

Duke Cannon is a military-inspired brand that combines the essentials of quality men's beauty care with the gentle novelty of its brand.

Although the product has a fun and engaging theme, Duke Cannon is serious about advocating for veterans. The Duke Cannon brand donates 5% of its net profits to the American Veterans Association through a variety of reputable, certified foundations.

Duke Cannon's High Viscosity Shower Gel is exactly what it sounds like. It's a thick shower gel that's designed to stay on your body rather than immediately rinsing down the drain and a bit will take a long time. 

In addition to powerful lather, the high viscosity Shower Gel is enriched with minerals to naturally exfoliate and includes aloe to moisturize your skin.

4.Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra Hair / Body Wash + Shave Gel


Bravo Sierra is a menswear brand that draws inspiration from military culture to create products with practical style. Its most notable product is the original shaving/hair/body gel because it is essentially a four-in-one product. 

The product comes in a pressurized can and can go from gel to foam when you want to foam to use. Technically, you can use it as shampoo, cleanser, body wash, and shaving cream, making this a great choice for minimalists or those I love to travel light, but we don't recommend multi-purpose facial products, so keep that in mind before you plan to use them.

If you're looking for a dedicated shower gel, Bravo Sierra also has a collection of scented shower gels. They have the same gel-to-foam consistency and are sulfate and paraben free.



Harry's Body Wash


Founded in 2013 as a men's shaving brand, Harry's has since expanded into a men's beauty services brand and their body wash is a hit. pop among its products.

A special thing about Harry's products is the way it names each product to clearly describe the scent characteristics. For example, Redwood is described as agile, sharp and woody and has notes of ivy, sea salt and sandalwood. Harry's scent variations seem a bit more mature than what you'd expect from brands like Ax or Old Spice.

No matter which one you choose, Harry's body wash is always made without sulfates, parabens or dyes.


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