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Take care of your body after exercise

One of the downsides of exercising is that it can make our skin lose more water, which makes our skin drier and even in some cases sensitive skin is often prone to breaking-out after hard training sessions. Here are some tips from SIGSCENT to help you remove all skin concerns so that you can enjoy every workout to the best quality.

1.Rehydrate the body

We all know the importance of what happens to your body when you drink water, but it's especially important to stay hydrated after a workout session .

According to Coach Bernard, drinking plenty of water to rehydrate and fueling with a nutrient-dense snack or meal is essential for muscle recovery and growth.

Also, it is important to make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day.

2. Hot water is not the best choice for skin care

Hot water can help you feel refreshed, but they are by no means a "tonic" for the skin. Hot water can cause the skin to dry out, which can lead to itching, says Dr. Geyer. And if you rub your skin too much, it's easier than ever for bacteria and yeast to get in. This is especially bad when placed in the humid environment of the gym.

Damaged skin can make the body more susceptible to rashes, irritation, and infections. Take care of your skin by showering with warm or cool water, especially if you have sensitive skin

3. Shower after exercise

After the workout session is over, what you need to do is clean your skin as soon as possible. Because of the amount of dirt, and bacteria that have accumulated quite a lot in the pores during exercise. 

To make the workout faster and neater, preparing a 2in1 body care product is essential. and SIGSCENT will be your essentials, a product that helps regain your inherent elegance after a hard training session.

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