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Steps to make a great first impression on the first date

Feeling nervous before your first date with her and don't know what to do to make the best impression? Don't worry, SIGSCENT has asked the girls themselves what they want to help you prepare and plan the perfect date.

 Women for thousands of years still want the man to be proactive and lead on the first date. There is nothing more attractive than a gentleman who knows how to be creative and bring interesting surprises. However, the date is for you and for her. So, as you prepare, think about things you both enjoy. Science has proven that sharing things in common will always create a special bond between two people. 

1.Think and choose a place

 Most men are most comfortable with a beer and a big TV screen showing their favorite movie or top football game. However, that's definitely not what women absolutely want. Sacrifice your familiar evening and take her to a place that's great for both of you. Dating location is an extremely important factor. For the first time, choose a place that is not too noisy to create comfort. 

For the first time, choose a place that is not too noisy to create comfort. The space should be suitable for two people's conversation. Places close to nature or elevated space are also suggested locations. 

2.''Investment'' for attractive appearance 

Hàm răng mái tóc là góc con người”- a Vietnamese traditional saying - highlights the teeth and hair as the most determining features for a person, a white tooth with a bright smile is always a weapon to conquer the girl in the first seconds. You should clean your teeth with a toothbrush and floss to freshen breath. If you are still "urgent", rinse your mouth before meeting her! 

A neat outfit, clean hair, clean body are the basic things to show politeness and neatness in front of her. In addition, the scent is always the key to gaining points, creating a premise for the next appointment. Fragrance is the final touch point to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of the enemy. If the first date makes the two of you shy, choose a scent with a warm woody scent, a gentle floral scent to relieve stress. Besides, you should not choose to use perfumes that are too strong. This will make you look like a portable perfume bottle in front of female friends. 

You can consider using SIGSCENT 2 IN 1 shower gel/shampoo which brings a mild spicy sensation with a delicate, elegant fragrance of men. The first note is warm with a hint of incense, the later it becomes more masculine thanks to the back note by amber wood combined with vetiver, popular in niche perfumes.

3.Equip confidence for the date

 The only thing you need to do is comfortably enjoy your date with her. Give her a small gift to celebrate this first date, maybe a bouquet of fresh flowers to show your romance. 

Remember to always be yourself in a certain "framework" and to respect women, that is your strongest weapon!

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