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How to apply cologne/ perfume the right way

You have worked hard to find yourself a favorite perfume bottle, and I know this is not easy because there are hundreds of thousands of scents. It's nice to be able to choose a good scent among a bunch of "bottles" like that, but do you know how to use perfume properly? Let SIGSCENT reveal it to you.

A few tips

– Should use shampoos, shower gels with low odor or quickly fade to avoid “conflict” of scents when spraying more perfume. If possible, use a set of products with your perfume.

The best time to spray perfume is right after a shower, when your body is still wet and not completely dry. At that time, your skin will absorb the most scent as well as reduce the ability to evaporate sooner.

– When trying a perfume, it is best to spray it directly on the body, do not believe the smell on the test strip. And your nose can only distinguish 3 scents in a row, so before trying the next one, take a breath of coffee!

– You should store perfume in the refrigerator to have the best storage temperature for perfume when opened. Otherwise, you can store them in a cool dry place, avoiding direct sunlight, which will upset the balance in the concentration of the perfume and quickly fade away.

Should use a moderate amount if you do not want the opposite effect. No one wants to be around a guy who smells like perfume.

What is the correct way to spray?


– So, spray 2 times on 2 wrists and then use those 2 wrists to lightly dab on both sides of the neck. Those are the clear "pulse points" on the body, beating strongly and giving off a lot of heat, so it increases the ability to diffuse the scent naturally.


– Sometimes you can create a perfume “mist” by spraying in an upward direction and then in the middle. Perfume at this time will spread evenly on your body and create a very seductive scent effect. Note that it is best to apply this method when you have just finished bathing and are in a nude state


– Never spray perfume directly from too close to chest, neck and clothes. The scent at this time will be very strong and unpleasant. The best distance between the spray bottle and the skin is about 20cm.

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