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Maybe you already know that the dragon is a symbol of the authority of kings. You also know about the original agricultural culture of our people. So what about the assertion that the dragon is also a symbol of an agricultural culture? Let's find out!


Dragon power strongly affects the lives of agricultural residents.

  For Vietnamese people, dragons symbolize water sources.

  The power of the dragon provides the necessary conditions for growing crops. Dragons spray water to irrigate crops and provide life for humans.

When building the dragon image, agricultural residents also use the main images of aquatic animals such as crocodiles, snakes, fish scales,...

  The dragon image represents agricultural thinking.

The shape and characteristics of the dragon clearly demonstrate two characteristics of agricultural thinking: SYNTHESIS AND FLEXIBILITY.

  Synthesis is shown through the dragon shape:

- Success in farming depends not only on people but also on heaven and earth. Because we depend so much on nature, our people must always try to synthesize and cover not only each individual element but also the relationships in nature. This characteristic can be clearly seen through folk songs and proverbs about nature and farming:

* Look at the sky, look at the land, look at the clouds,

Looks like rain, looks like sunshine, looks like day, looks like night.

* When crows bathe, it's dry; when starlings bathe, it rains.

* If the rice crop is good, the areca season is withered. If the areca crop is good, the rice season is suffering.

  Similarly, creating a dragon is a combination of many types of animals together. Depending on the time, the dragon has: a snake body but covered with fish scales, deer-like horns, tiger paws or eagle claws.

  Flexibility is shown through the dragon's characteristics:

- Wet rice farming always has to deal with nature, which is always full of unexpected factors that cannot be predicted in advance, so residents must be very flexible. Depending on the place, time, and person, there are different behaviors, not rigid in any unchangeable way.

  Dragons are born in water but can fly in the sky without wings.

  Besides, with the power of the gods, dragons are not fixed in one form but can arbitrarily transform into humans to roam around and save humanity.

Dragons are products of imagination. However, this imagination can provide explanations about the worldview and outlook of the culture that produced it.

At Khi - Viet Linh Than Thoai Ki, the journey of artistic creation is also the footsteps of discovering the cultural characteristics of the nation's origin.

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