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Lạc- Nghê- Quy- Ông: Four magical beasts inspired by Vietnamese mythology

We are all too familiar with the "legendary quartet" Long - Lan - Quy - Phung, right? These are four mascots in the cultural and spiritual life of many Eastern countries, including Vietnam.

So if you had to choose, what divine beasts do you think the Vietnamese Four Spirits would include?

With the desire to bring a new perspective, we are very pleased to introduce to everyone the project "Lac" by author Thai-Anh Nguyen. He is currently accompanying the project Khi - Viet Linh Than Thoai Ki.

"Lac - Nghe - Quy - Ong" four divine beasts are inspired and created based on myths and documents from ancient Vietnamese stories. National values and Vietnamese cultural values blend together in a very new fantasy and expressed in extremely modern artistic language.

 Click on each photo to travel through the strange yet familiar lands of these four magical beasts!

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