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How to Choose a Fragrance for Men

Perfumes are scents that men and women wear to enhance their beauty or even attract a potential mate. They can lift your mood, evoke unforgettable memories or simply help you smell good. There are thousands of different perfumes available in the market today. So you know how to choose the best men's fragrance, let SIGSCENT share the secret to choose the best masculine scent for you !

What is special about perfume for men?

Perfume is like watches, lipsticks, and jewelry are accessories that play an essential role in life, helping users feel more confident and attractive in communication. Men's fragrances express personal style, helping men become more attractive and attractive. However, you also have to know how to use perfume to suit each situation and work environment.


Usually, depending on the concentration of natural essential oils, perfumes are divided into the following main lines:

  • Perfume (Extrait) men's perfume : essentials oil content from 20% to 40%, this is the most expensive and rarest perfume line because the concentration of essential oils is too high, which means that the scent is too strong and durable.
  • Eau de Perfume (Extrait) : essential oil content from 12% - 20% This perfume is basically for women with a high concentration of passionate and durable essential oils. This is also the main perfume. Currently used in hot and humid climates as well as cold weather too.
  • Eau de toilette (EDT): 5%-12% essential oil. In fact EDT is the most popular perfume currently in the world with its affordable price and average scent quality. Diverse in models and lines. This is a perfume with a light scent, extremely long-lasting, and is used for both men and women.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC) or Eau de fraiche : only 2-4% of essential oils have a gentle scent, poor odor retention function, suitable for the popular segment.

How to choose perfume for men through notes

Each perfume or perfume consists of different "notes". These notes will determine the overall scent. A note will consist of three different layers called top notes, middle notes and base notes, and all of them work together to create a specific scent for the user.


Here are some notes for men that can speak to your personality:

1.Citrus flavor group (group of oranges, lemons, tangerines, berries)

You can find some ways to choose the most typical men's fragrances in Clinique Happy For Men, Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, Dior Iconic Eau Sauvage citrus scents are often the first note of many perfume lines because they evokes crisp and passionate freshness.

Usually this scent is for some active and sporty guys, the extroverts. This scent often brings a feeling of positivity, refreshment, relaxation, increased productivity at work, a sense of comfort.



2.Gourmand flavor group (chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee)

The group of scents derived from food ingredients and the way to choose men's fragrances has gradually become more popular in recent years, here are some sweet and delicate fragrance layers, evoking many Emotional layer brings a feeling of warmth and security. Often choosing these models are men who are elegant, seductive, warm, delicately sensitive. These are some samples for office workers, business people, some lawyers, teachers. Introducing some of you Thierry Mugler's heady A Men, Tom Ford For Men Extreme…


3.Wood incense group (wood group)

There are many reasons why men's fragrances belonging to the woody fragrance group such as Gucci Pour Homme, Terre d'Hermès and Davidoff Horizon are more popular. First, it gives off a masculine, masculine feel.


Wood incense also represents luxury, warmth as well as a bit of nostalgia. A selection of men with a penchant for experienced as well as dignified personalities. Do you still remember the feeling of standing in the middle of a vast primeval forest as well as the scent of hundreds of trees around? Feeling both comfortable, trusting, but also mysterious and overwhelming, a bottle of woody fragrance can fully convey those elements.

Because of the high bass as well as the high scent retention function, the woody note is also often chosen as the basement note (the last note) for many perfume samples.

And if you're looking for a product with a warm scent typical of amber and lavender, evoking the masculinity of men, check out the Rebelious 2in1 shampoo & shower gel  At SIGSCENT house, it will be an interesting experience for those who are on the way to find a personal scent for themselves.


4.Marine fragnance group (sea scent)


Considered the quintessential scent of the 90s, the salty taste of salt and the freshness of the ocean is still quite popular with some guys today. Representing freedom, simplicity in lifestyle, and freedom and openness in thinking, the sea is a scent born for progressive men. In the emotional aspect, this note brings a sense of seduction, elusive, neither dare to approach nor leave. Just like our oceans, both intense and calm, deep and close at the same time.


Above are basic tips on how to choose a perfume for men, Hope the above information can help you in the process of choosing a suitable scent for yourself.

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