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Each musical instrument is a cultural embassador

Each musical instrument is a cultural embassador


The characteristic of our country's musical instruments is that they develop regionally from North to South. Big drum, small drum, erhu, monochord, zither, bamboo flute,... each musical instrument contains the unique cultural, spiritual, aesthetic and artistic values of the nation.

  When talking about the Northwest mountains, we immediately think of bustling traditional festivals, mountain girls in bright dresses and the melodies of cat flutes, soldier trumpets, lutes or drums.

  Traditional musical instruments in the Northern Delta and midlands are famous for the lute, flute, zither, erhu, zither, zither, monochord, gong, drum,... associated with community activities, Festivals and art forms of cheo, adoration, water puppetry, quan ho...

  In that time, the folk music treasure of the South Central Coast region is extremely rich with folk songs: lullabies, nursery rhymes, lyrics, chants, rhymes, singing ba troo, singing sharp bua, chanting for the spirit, chanting/singing the hut song, chanting and responding with traditional musical instruments such as: pliers, zither, pipa, monochord, stork, flute, pepper, song loan...

  Ethnic groups in the Central Highlands with musical instruments bearing the sound of the mountains and forests: gongs, t'rung, stone instruments, buffalo horn trumpets, bamboo pipes...

  Southern people, where there is a rich and unique treasure trove of musical instruments, typically associated with the lives of the Kinh, Chinese, Khmer, and Cham ethnic people with typical musical instruments: five-syllable, flute, trumpet, and two-tone lake. , the pipa, the bar, the tarpaulin...

These musical instruments not only represent the diversity of cultures and traditions of the peoples, but also spiritual and mental values, contributing to the colorful cultural picture of our country. Is respect for ancestors, respect for gods or affection between humans and nature.

  Choosing 4 typical musical instruments of the 3 regions of North - Central - South (rice drum, flute, tarpaulin, zither) as the sacred weapons of the 4 Spirits (Dragon, Lion, Tuturl, Phoenix), we hope to Bringing diverse cultural stories to the community across the S-shaped strip of land.

Join us to follow this inspiring journey!

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